Yard's are a homeowner's basic canvas upon which they build their landscaping vision. If the yard is not up to par, it will struggle to support that vision. The key to to this is keep one's yard clean, healthy, free from moss and making sure you are using the best grass. That's where we come in.
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Leaves are a beautiful aspect of nature. They also take a lot of time to clean up! Especially to avoid attracting pests and damaging your lawn if left unattended. Call us. We'll take care of the leaves and your weekends off suddenly have more 'off' time. :)
Lime and fertilization are very effective ways to promote your soil's health. The richer and more nutrient rich your soil is, the faster your plants grow and the healthier they are. Lime and fertilizer replenish a soil's nutrients and minerals it loses over time. As it turns out the soil that takes care of everything else also needs to be taken care of itself. Lime and fertilizer is the best way to do that.
Moss looks great on rocks. On trees. Lawns however? That's trouble. At best you'll have uneven clumps of moss spreading through your lawn but you'll still have a mostly grass lawn. At worst? You now have a moss lawn as it can overtake the grass completely. Depends on the lawn and moss in question. Safest bet? Call us and let us help you get it under control now.

Whenever possible we source our materials locally to keep the NEPA spirit alive. However, in thousands of lawns we seeded over this past century we have to admit the best seed comes from Oregon. This is what we use to transform your soil into a verdant canvas upon which to base your landscaping adventures.