Outdoor living is about balancing one’s home lifestyle with nature just outside their door. Elements such as patios, stone walls, and walkways do absolute wonders of tying together a space in an organic way. Fire pits and outdoor kitchens are for natural entertainment and naturally roasted deliciousness.
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Where there is fire, there will be a gathering of people. We offer a wide array of fire pit options to keep your fire contained and everyone safe. We have pit kits or we can custom build a firepit for you out of fire brick, field stone, and more.

Walls go a long way to organizing one's property the way the homeowner sees fit. They can mark the boundary between a neighbor's property and your own or even envelop gardens. It's your land - organize it as you choose.

We build walls in two varities: stone and boulder.

By having Huntsville place lights around your property that best accent its natural features, a homeowner can have an immediate and bold impact on their home’s night time experience. Not just from an aesthetic standpoint but also a point of safety.
We offer low voltage lighting and solar options.
What is there not to like about outdoor kitchens? They save on energy usage, keep certain smells outside (seafood), are great places to entertain, they keep from everyone bumping into one another, and clean up is nowhere near as much a hassle as it is inside.
Our approach to patios is to use a wide variety of paver options to render our customer’s vision into reality. While we can do any pattern of patio, we specialize in finding a patio’s true potential which requires different approaches for different properties. Irregular or patterned flagstone can help imbue a more rustic look.
There are a combination of homes and homeowners where the simplest most natural path is the call to make. It doesn’t get more natural than stones in the earth. The key difference here is that we place the stones to serve the homeowner. In our experience stepping stones are rarely removed so it’s very likely whatever stepping stones you place will remain there for decades if not generations.
Stone steps are great for managing a land’s various elevations in a very natural way. That is because our stones are sourced locally as to not run astray of the beautiful, natural environment of northeastren Pennsylvania. Step sets sometimes weigh literally tons. That means once set they are not going anywhere. Your grandkids will be using the very same stone steps!
Walkways to guide your way. Whether it's pavers flagstone or irregular flagstone Huntsville can create perfect path for you.