Gardens are very prominent way not only to express one's landscaping creativity, but a living expression of a soil's vitality and health. Beautiful gardens are grown by passionate people on healhty land whether that's for beauty, food, or just bolstering a land's overall ecosystem.
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The most important step in any garden. What type of plants to put in. is it a sunny location? is it a shady location? is it both? are the plants that you bought in the correct Hardiness Zone? Do you have deer or other animals that are waiting to peruse the buffet you just planted for them? All of these and more are factors that go into landscape design. What we offer is almost 100 years experience dealing with our local micro climates to achieve superior results. It is with careful consideration that we can install your needs to flow naturally into Penn's woods.
Hedges are great natural borders to section of one's property. Whather this to be to organize one's land or to increase privacy hedges have you covered.

Gardens tend to inspire a property owner's creativity to flourish. We take that energy and match it with local nurseries to render absolutely gorgeous gardens. Whether your garden is purely decorative or feeds your family it will be a sight to behold once is all said and done.

Mulch serves 3 main purposes. Firstly, it looks great. Combined with a beautiful lawn there is nothing quite like a property having huge, rich, expanses of green and brown. Magnificient. Secondly, mulch impedes erosion of a property. Mother Nature can't so easily disturb the soil if it is covered in mulch. Third, mulch makes it harder for weeds to grow. This is why you typically see mulch around plants of interest; it's there helping them thrive against their competition.

We offer triple ground, hardwood natural brown, dyed brown, or dyed black mulch.

If you ever pondered if there was a better way to replenish a land's groundwater with rain that also looks incredible then you're going to love rain gardens. Rain gardens are depressions filled with rain loving plants and shrubs that direct the rain to where you want it to go. If you're reading this then that's probably to nearby plants you want to see flourish.

Brace yourselves: gardens do not have to be mostly plants. Gardens can be defined as a piece of cultivated land. Whether one chooses plants or rocks to cultivate it's up to them. No pruning or watering required. Rocks make for the ultimate low maintenance garden. Highly suggested for minimalists.

Part of your garden that is themed for calm. A quiet place to get lost in reflection and thought. In what can seem as a world of bright lights, loud music and constant noise; relax by enjoying one of life's true pleasures. A living space at peace with nature.

Local nursery trees of exceptional quality. We plant them and guide them with care. We also can treat diseased trees and in most cases nurse them back to health.

Despite our best efforts nature is going to grow where it wnats to grow. For the homewoner who wants their land to be in harmony with their vision, occasional trimming and pruing will be needed sooner or later. We can help by taking care of plants, shrubs and trees by pruning and shaping them.

What is a weed? A weed is simply something growing where you don't want it to. The name of the game is to remove it effectively. Lucky for you we are certified commercial pesticide applicators with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

You've decided to have a go at growing your own food. But you're not sure where to start. That's where we come in. Whether you want us to come to you and explain the basics of gardening personally and/or plant the entire thing seed by seed and row by row Huntsville has what you need.

Unlike most other landscaping services, vegatable gardens attract the attention of animals. When it comes to ensuring critters, vermin, and other creatures don't eat your garden down to the root, you want to go with the landscaping company that has seen every trick they have and knows how to shut them down. That's us.