Huntsville is a landscaping company established in 1924 within Northeastren Pennsylvania. Huntsville takes pride in helping NEPA residents realize their outdoor living lifestyle. This includes gardens, yards, waterworks, and drainage solutions.

By all means relax and stay a while and learn about the storied history of the oldest landscaping company right in your backyard!

Harry Edwards

Harry "Doc" Edwards was born in Wilkes Barre in 1893. From a young age he was always drawn to the outdoors. As he matured, he realized that being inside working behind a desk was not in the cards for him. After high school he followed his adventurous and patriotic spirit and joined the army. He would go on to serve on a medical ship during World War I (hence the nickname 'The Doc'). He served his country faithfully. The adventurous spirit called his name once again and called him back to the civilian world.

The adventure the Doc was seeking was unlike the others around him. He sought to build something that would last and endure. His lifelong love of the outdoors and his enduring vision manifested in the realm of landscaping. He wanted others to see the land as he saw it: Beautiful and verdant. It's just some land needed more love than others!

The Doc eventually met and befriended a gentleman by the name of George Lamoureux. He purchased land in Lehman from Mr. Lamoureux and began to make his dreams a reality. Not one to miss a beat, the Doc soon began his first contract with Misericordia while utilizing a crazy brand new invention for the time; a MODEL-T!

In many ways the Doc's vision was just beginning. He built a house with his own two hands that still stands today at 1503 Old Rte 115. He married the beautiful Marguerite Edwards. They would have a son that would follo in the Doc's footsteps: Bucky Edwards.

Bucky Edwards
1922 - 2005

Bucky Edwards like his father before him grew up with an innate appreciation for all things pertaining to nature. As a boy he would often be found hunting and fishing. Even so he didn't mind 'desk work' as his father The Doc would call it. However, like his father the love of nature was strong in him as well.

For those reasons Bucky started attending Penn State during the year 1939 to study Landscape Architecture. Just ONE problem: World War II.Bucky’s country needed his service and was drafted into the Army in 1941 during his junior year at Penn State. The country asked and Bucky delivered.

Bucky would go on to become a 2nd Lieutenant and would go on to make 8 Conway Crossings during the war. He didn't get the chance to finish his education at Penn State as his father's business was so busy he needed all the help he could get.

After he exited the army he would go on to marry his highschool sweetheart Jean. They would raise a family in the very same home that The Doc built. Bucky also took the reins from his The Doc and continued to run Huntsville to prosperous heights.

Bucky and Jean would have a child Ralph Edwards that would continue the Huntsville legacy.

Ralph Edwards
1949 - Present

Stop me if this sounds familiar: son born to a landscaping family that grows up loving nature & outdoors. Has an incredible father that liked to bring his son to work, show him the world, and instill a strong work ethic.

We are talking about none other than Ralph Edwards. Ralph, as his father before him, took his love of nature and outdoor living as seriously as one could. He pursued this passion right into a bachelor’s from New York State University’s Landscaping Architecture program.

During his time in NY, Ralph quickly realized the office wasn't for him. He craved the wind at his back. His expertise in all things landscaping constantly forced him into supervisory and admin positions. For this reason Ralph returned home to work with his father running and working for Huntsville where there is zero shortage of ‘hands on’ work! Nepa residents truly love their outdoor living lifestyles!

This is where the Huntsville story takes a turn. Ralph ended up having two daughters whose own dreams did not coincide with landscaping. This would mean that if the Huntsville that The Doc started in 1924 would carry on then Ralph would have to find a worthy successor to the Huntsville name and all that entails. After literally decades of weighing his options between hundreds of candidates he came across one that stood out among everyone else.

That successor is Ari Mastroff.

Ari Mastoff
1985 - Present

Ari was born in Kingston but it is safe to say he grew up all over NEPA. He definitely grew up as a kid that liked to be outside and explore to the very last seconds of curfew. When other kids were sneaking out to go to parties, this guy was sneaking out to ride his bike or play with grappling hooks!

The first time Huntsville and Ari crossed paths is when Ari worked here as summer help. However, even back then Ari's work ethic and energy made an impression upon Ralph Edwards. Even though Ari's path would diverge from Huntsville for a time, him and Ralph still kept in touch.

It's around this time that Ari met his then girlfriend (now wife!) Megan. It's when they started a family together that Ari upgraded from man to father. He was a father on a mission to take care of his family.

Ralph, still in touch with Ari, noticed this energy. After long seeking a successor to his family business, Ralph approached Ari about this prospect. After taking some time to mill over such a huge responsibility, Ari accepted it with enthusiasm.

For Ari Huntsville isn't just about the past 100 years, it's about the next 100. With Ralph as his mentor guiding him with generations of landscaping experience the question on his mind most nights is: what's next?

Welcome to Huntsville. What's next for you?

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